Dental Surgery Interior Design

Medifab System 7000

Over 300 Rooms… and growing
Take advantage of our 16 years of experience and well over 300 rooms fitted out with cabinetry to explore a design concept to maximise your operatory’s functionality and space for efficiency and day to day enjoyment!

At Medifab we have put together a system of cabinetry that provides a clean, attractive environment that is functional and efficient to work in. Neat, clean arrangement of instruments and supplies is critical to success in a competitive climate. Put simply, practice oriented organization means less work. Moreover, the refreshing form of the Medifab System 7000 provides an especially harmonious and pleasing appearance that can only enhance the opinion your patients have of you.

Our Design Service for interiors as well as surgical rooms is chargeable, the same as if you went to an architect, we have designers with specific experience and understanding of Modern Dentistry that enable us to produce designs for modern, efficient surgical rooms in a number of different styles and for a range of budgets.

We also offer a design only service, to explore options available.

Every measurement in every module is fine tuned precisely for the modern practice and is uniquely suited to its particular operation.
Our full range includes overhead storage, computer workstations, mobile units and accessories such as two-tier drawers, extendable working surfaces, tap-ware, soap dispensers and other special hardware.

Equipment Storage

The equipment module has a touch sensitive panel that gives ready access to amalgamators and curing lamps etc. and can be closed in a moment for safe, contamination-free storage and the concealing of equipment when a patient enters.

Waste Disposal

The wash basin module has an ingenious upper panel that easily swings and locks open to provide unobtrusive access to the waste bin. Smart technology can also allow the doors to be operated for hands-free disposal of waste – another feature designed to reduce cross infection.

Instrument Trays

A variety of special inserts specifically manufactured for dental use will keep instruments and supplies in order and at your fingertips for smooth, efficient treatment procedures. Inserts are made of high quality plastic and can be removed for cleaning.

Specialised Design

It’s not just the cabinetry that we offer, but tried and proven layout designs that ensure optimum working conditions providing day to day delight. From our vast range of experience we can create practical designs to suit your own professional requirements and preferred mode of treatment. Even in the most stringent special conditions, the Medifab System 7000 allows freedom of design and plenty of options for any treatment room. Careful planning can turn a standard practice into a spacious, attractive treatment centre.

Standard Features

  • All units are constructed of durable bench top and cabinet materials with special edge treatments and radius corners that facilitate cleaning and provide a safer working environment.
  • The latest in European style hardware and fittings provides full adjustment and ensures ease of operation of all units.
  • Whisper quiet drawer runners have a quick release mechanism for easy removal of the fully moulded plastic drawer body.
  • Adjustable legs on each unit provide a concealed service facility for electrical cabling and plumbing reticulation behind an easily removed toe-kick plate.

Dentifab is a division of Medifab, bringing you quality dental and medical furnishings.