• Dental Interior Design

    Enjoy a system of cabinetry that provides a clean, attractive environment that is functional and efficient to work in. Neat, tidy arrangement of instruments and supplies is critical to success in a competitive climate. Put simply, practice oriented organisation means less work. Let us show you how...

  • Dental Stools

    Sit comfortably all day, and maintain your peak performance from optimal positioning with the Comfort Series dental stools

Whatever your needs...
Whatever your needs…

Whether working with a new chair and considering a different colour scheme, using an older chair, or faced with longer surgery procedures requiring optimum patient comfort, DentiFab has the skills, expertise and a huge range of genuine factory-original fabrics to choose from.

Comfort Series Stools
Serious about stress relief, correct postural support and all day long comfort?

Our Comfort Series stools provide the ultimate in ergonomic adjustments for the discerning specialist who requires precise positioning while seated.

Upholstery Selection

Our upholstery fabrics are imported from around the globe. These superior materials provide a proven service record in long lasting durability. Many have features such as added oil resistance, stain resistance, and anti-microbial properties. For the operating theatre, an anti static slip finish may be desirable.

Dental Surgery Interior Design
Over 300 Rooms… and growing

Take advantage of our 18 years of experience and well over 300 rooms fitted out with cabinetry to explore a design concept to maximise your operatory’s functionality and space for efficiency and day to day enjoyment!

"Have just put the stool back together and am very impressed. Great job, great service! Thanks for a job well done."
Karen | Eden Dental