Bean Bag Headrest Pillow

Show your patients that your really care…

With a Bean Bag Headrest Pillow

Hundreds of polybeads inside a softly padded outer cover are held into ergonomic contours by carefully designed tailoring. They flow to provide individualised comfort as the patient nestles their head into what could well be the most comfortable dental headrest ever invented.

And reap the benefits yourself

Bean Bag Headrest Pillow

A comfortable patient who does not squirm or fidget means less stress on you, as you concentrate on your difficult work in the oval cavity. Saves time too!

The Dentifab Bean Bag headrest pillow is available in most dental colours. It is suitable for use over any flat style headrest, and comes complete with the option of elastic straps, or a velcro adjusted suspension strap for fitting to any type of chair.

Success applications to dental chairs include: Adec, Dentel-Ez, Belmont, Eurodent, Kavo and Siemens.

Another useful feature is that for older people with a rounding forward of the shoulders (kyphosis), the Bean Bag headrest provides more support than other types available.

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