Vinyl Fabric Care Instructions

To clean your vinyl chair upholstery safely all manufacturers of vinyl fabrics only recommend the use of dish washing liquid diluted in water. Generally, when a vinyl surface is clean it will also be free of contaminants.

Where there is a staining present Sards Wonder Soap can be helpful. This is available from most supermarket stores, e.g.

All vinyl fabrics will discolour during use, even in light duty situations (obviously at a slower rate) Unfortunately the whites and yellows discolour much quicker than the blues and greens.

Should you ever encounter ball-point pen ink on your upholstery, clean it immediately, as the longer it is left on, the more it will leach into the surface. Carefully use of Meths on a cloth to wipe it off without smearing the stain wider may be of assistance, as will the Sards Wonder Soap.

Natural hair and skin oils are harsh on vinyl fabrics, as are dyes from clothing that are not colour fast. Ideally the use of clear footrest covers and disposable headrest covers will assist in protecting the upholstery surface.

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